Shower Onions Tiktok: Storing Your Onions in Bathroom

What Are Shower Onions? The Tiktok Trend 

It’s time to ditch those Shower Onions sitting around in your fridge and stock up on some fresh ones. If you’re like me, you can’t stand the smell of onion when it hits your nose at the wrong time. But what are we supposed to do if they expire before we get a chance to use them? We don’t want them going bad or taking up space in our refrigerator.

The solution is simple! Keep an Shower Onions in the bathroom – that way, anytime you walk by it, you’ll be reminded that there are plenty more waiting for you outside of the kitchen window sill! And since this is where most people spend their time after cooking or getting ready for work, this will ensure that they never go bad again!

If you are someone who likes to have onions in the bathroom, you will love this trick. It is so easy and simple, but it can be really helpful when cooking or running out of onion for a recipe. Here is how to use shower onions tiktok: Take an onion peel off all of its skin and put it into the bottom of your shampoo bottle.

When you need some onion for a recipe or just want to cook with an extra bit, take one out from your shampoo bottle! The best part about this trick is that it takes up less room than having chopped onions sitting around on the countertop.

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