Things Of Precious Knowledge

In This Post, The Best  Gyan Ki Baatein, Things Of Precious Knowledge, Dharmik Gyan Ki Baatein, Guru Gyan Ki Baatein, Gita Gyan Ki Baatein, Satsang Gyan Ki Baat, Suvichar Gyan Ki Baat Are Given. Please Read This Post Completely And Share it With Friends.

Best Things Of Precious Knowledge

A Good Man Lives In People’s Hearts.
But He Who Are Merciful Lives In The Heart Of God.

Happiness And Sorrow Are Not Members Of Our Family,
But Guests.

Don’t Get Discouraged If You Get Success Later In Life,
Because Building A Palace Takes More Time Than At Home.

If There Can Be Hatred In The Veil Of Love..!!
So There Can Be Love Even In The Veil Of Hatred..!!

If You Want Peace.
Quiet The Desire First..!!

The Ocean Of Sorrow Is As Much As The Ocean, The
Only Person In The Crowd Is Alone.
All The Hopes Are Not Fulfilled In Life,
Because The Star That Fulfills The Expectations Is Also Broken.

Time Is Never Bad…..
But If Our “Desire” Is Not Fulfilled With Time, Then “Time” Seems Bad.

It Is Not Necessary That A Person Becomes Religious By Visiting The Temple Every Day, But The Deeds Should Be Such That Wherever He Goes, A Temple Becomes There.

Nature Has Kept Only Two Paths,
Either Give Or Leave Or Leave,
Did Not Make Any Arrangement To Take It With You,
But Man Is Not Ready To Accept It.

Like A Book, People Also Have To Learn To Read, Because A Book Gives Knowledge And A Person Experiences.

Even If The Progress Is Slow.
But Be Honest.
If You Get Everything That You Love, Then What’s The Fun In Living..??
One Or Two Deficiencies Are Necessary To Live Too !!

If You Want A Result As Sweet As Honey, You
Have To Live Together Like A Bee.

There Was A Feeling of Broken, Scattered, Abandoned,
Someone Came And Collected It And Made It His Own, Since Then His Name Has Become A Friend.

Things Of Precious Knowledge

The One Who Wins Is Not Sikander…!!
But The One Who Knows Where To Lose Is Also Sikandar.

Understand Before Trusting, Because, In The World, Fake Lemonade Is Given By Sprites To Drink And Real Lemonade Is Given In Hand Washing. !!!!

When You Are Not Working,
Think Of Something Good Or Different,
Which Reduces The Possibility Of Useless Thoughts,
Do You Know When You Can Think Good And New?
When You See Someone Thinking,
Or When You Are Alone.

There Is Only One Similarity In
Kite And In Life, Only When
You Are At A Height,
Then There Is Wah.

Not A Selfie But If You Can Pull Someone’s Sorrow Then Try It
, What Is The World, God Himself
Will Also Like That Photo !!

Great Message:
I Can Fight The World, But I Can’t Fight Against My People.
Because I Don’t Want To “Win” With Them, I Want To

Dharmik Gyan Ki Baatein

We Do Not Have The Knowledge Of The Right Direction And The Right Time, Then We See The Rising Sun Also Setting.

Man Has To Tell Lies Only When People Are Not Ready To Understand The Truth.

No Matter How Precious Anything In The World May Be,
But Nothing Is More Precious Than The Peace, Sleep, And Joy You Get From God.

I Have An Apple,
You Have An Apple,
We Give It To Each Other,
Then We Will Each Have An Apple.
But If
I Have An Idea,
And You Also Have An Idea,
And If, We Pass
It On To Each Other,
Both Will Have Two Ideas Each.

In A Relationship Where Intelligence Reigns, The Relationship Is Lost.
And In
A Relationship Where The Heart Rules, The Relationship Is Won!

When Struggling In Difficult Situations, A Valuable Asset Develops.
Whose Name Is Self-Confidence!

Guru Gyan Ki Baatein

No One Can Beat You Until You Leave The Field Yourself.

Man Always Thinks Whether There Is God Or Not???
But, He Never Thinks about Whether He Is Human Or Not.

If A Good Person Makes Some Mistake, Then Bear It Or Forgive It
Because The Pearl Falls In The Dustbin, Yet It Remains Precious!!!

It best Gift To Give To Anyone.
Our Presence At Their Need!

God Did Not Write Bad Luck To Anyone
He Hurts Us For Bringing Us Back From The Wrong Path!!

Experience Is Life’s Lesson, Whereas Conjecture Is Only Fiction.

Despite Being So Big, The Ocean Remains Within Its Limits.
I Don’t Know What This Man Is Proud Of.

Life Seems Light As Long As Your Parents Bear Your Burden!!

Nothing In Life Has An End, There Is Always A New Beginning Waiting For You.

Things Of Gita Knowledge

Relationships Have Also Become Like A Mountain Until We Call,
There Is No Sound From The Front !!

Only Friends Handle Those Who Are Broken By Heart. The Rest Of The Relatives Only Handles The Transactions.

It Is Good In Competition Games Sir, Not In Relationships !!
A Small Idea Can Create A Big Miracle!!

By Completing Today’s Work Today, You Will Be Ahead Of Those Who Rely On Tomorrow.

Never Be Disappointed In Life, Do You Know Tomorrow May Be The Day
You Have Been Waiting For For Years!!

The Truth Is That The Days Gone By And The Words Spoken Do Not Come Back,
But The Time Comes For Everyone.

Start Afresh From Where It Ended.
What Is To Be Gained Is Always Better Than The One Who Loses.

As The Day Progresses, You Feel The Need For Money. As The Evening Approaches, The Need For Peace Begins To Be Felt.

If God Gives Happiness, It Is So Important That It Should Not Be Pretentious Or Proud,
And If You Give Sorrow, It Is So Important That Faith Should Not Be Lost.

The World Opens Its Eyes
When It Is Morning And The Dawn Of This Life Begins When These Eyes Open.

Words Of Wisdom

Fill Every Step Of Life With Preparation And Self-Confidence,
Because Where We Are Not Present There Is Presence Of Our Merits And Demerits.

It Is Not Success To Defeat Someone By Humiliation, But
To Win By Respecting Someone Is True Success.

It Is In The Hands Of The Creator To Remain In The List Of Relatives.
It Is In Our Hands To Remain On The List Of Loved Ones.

It Is My Nature To Dissolve Like Sugar In Milk,
But You Do Not Like Sweet, What Is My Fault In That.

Keep Your Heart Like The Ocean,
Rivers Will Come To Meet You From The Front.

When You Lose Everywhere In Life,
Remember One Thing That Courage Is Not Available On Rent,
And There Are No Factories For Effort, We Have To Do Both.

There Are Many Precious Things In Life But Only Time Can Explain The Value Of Everything.

When, Where, How, What Kind Of Relationship Does God Make?
The One Whom We Have Never Met, Whom We Never Even Know,
Becomes Our Dearest.

Things Of Satsang Knowledge

To Reach The Temple Is A Matter Of The Body,
To Reach God Is A Matter Of The Mind.

There Is Love In Every Moment And There Is Happiness In Every Moment, Remember If You Lose And Live It Is Life!!

If possible, Appreciate The Relationships, Because Later The Lack Of Anyone Will Not Be Fulfilled By The Pictures !!

Patience And Stamina Is Not Someone’s Weakness, It Is An Inner Strength That Not Everyone Has.

Trust Everyone But Be Careful,
Sometimes Even The Teeth Bite The Tongue !!

There Is Only One Way To Move Forward In Life, Just Stop Looking Back!!

Learn To Bear The Heat Of Life,
Because Those Plants Often Dry Up,
Which Are Grown In The Shade..!!

Stumbling Doesn’t Happen Because You Fall,
It Happens Because You Understand.

No Matter How Small The Hope Is, It Is Better Than Despair.

Friendship Is Better In Love And Friendship… Sir, That Is
Why Radha Cries For Krishna And Krishna Cries For Sudama!!

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