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Never Give Up Shayari,

God Has Given Three Qualities To Man, Thought, Word, And Behavior. The Ability To Think, Which Is In Man, Is Not In Any Other Creature. The Power To Fulfill The Promise Which Is In Man Is Not In Any Other Animal. The Power To Change Behavior Which Is In Man Not In Anyone Else. So You Can Do Everything. Can Fly In The Sky, Can Swim In The Sea, And Can Take The Biggest Risk, And Take Himself To The Pinnacle Of Success.

No Matter How Strong Our Resolve Is, Sometimes We Get Discouraged And Want To Give Up. Those Are The Times When We Need Some Encouragement The Most.

So Friends, In This Post, We Have Written Poetry For You On The Topic Never Give Up. I Hope You Like It.

Never Give Up Shayari In Hindi

Whether It Is The Path Of Life Burning Burning Embers,
Whether It Is A Difficult Path
, The Destination I See, I Will Reach Soon,
I Care About Me
I Will Roar After Reaching The Destination, I Will Not Give Up.

Whether To Hot Foot On My Path
Who Are Irresolute Burned Irresolute
Whether To Walk Off,
Not Leave Creep,
Reaching Dhaduँga On The Floor,
I Will Not Accept Defeat.

Do Not Be Afraid On The Path,
Not Adunga Someone
Will Lean On,
That Fell Then Rose
Again The Race Will Go To The Floor
Dhahunga Arrived On The Floor,
I Will Not Accept Defeat.

Why Should
I Remember Dreams With Closed Eyes, I Open My Eyes And Dream, The
Path Is Difficult, But
It Is Not Possible, But Still I Will Walk
I Will Roar After Reaching The Destination, I Will Not Give Up.

Of Course, Tired Of Staggering, I
Will Choose The Right Path On The Destination And I Will Walk
On Reaching The Destination,
I Will Not Give Up.

People Tell Me That The Path Is Difficult, Leave It,
Then Why Should I Give Up At The Behest Of Others,
You Know Your Son,
I Know My Flute, I Only Believe That I Will
Roar After Reaching The Destination,
I Will Not Give Up.

On The Path Of Life, I Know That The
Path Is Not Easy, Yet I
Will Face
The Difficulties With Steadfastness,
I Will Roar On Reaching The Destination, I Will Not Give Up.

Never Give Up Poetry

If You Feel Pain In Any Subject, Then Remember This Mantra Thrice
, I Will Not Give Up, I Will Not Give Up, I Will Not Give Up,
Then You Go Ahead And
Fight With All Your Might, You Will Definitely Win
Then You Will Be Able To Speak
On The Floor.
I Will Roar After Reaching, I Will Not Give Up.

I Am An Optimist,
I Am Also A Storm Of Hard Work, I
Will Uproot The Difficulties And Fly Away,
Then I Will Not Look Back, I
Will Take The Obstacles
I Will Roar On Reaching The Destination, I Will Not Give Up.

Even If Someone Leaves My Side On The Path And
Kills My Faith,
Still, I Will Walk Alone On The Path, But I Will
Not Fight With My Loved Ones, I Will Fight With
Fate, I
Will Adapt To The Adverse Problems, I Will
Take Them With Me And I Will Roar
After Reaching The Destination,
I Will Not Give Up

I Will Quench The Thirst Of The Thirsty, I Will
Feed The Hungry, I Will
Clothe The Naked, I Will Make The
Crying Laugh,
I Will Erase The Debt Of The Debtor, I
Will Bring Prosperity To The Poor, I Will
Teach The Younger To The Elders, I Will Make The
Homeless, Orphans Will Be Made Orphans I Will
Increase The Courage Of The Soldiers,
Establish Virtue And Sin Will Erase

I Will Make My Brother Like Bharat, Not Vibhishana, I Will Make
Youth Like Swami Vivekananda
And If I Tell Everyone’s Ark, I
Will Definitely Bring Ram-Raj One Day, If All This Happens
, Then Understand
That This Was My Destination, Yet I Will Not Give Up
After Reaching The Destination

Don’t Stop, You Lose Somewhere

You Are Also Of The World,
Then How Did You Become Weak?
Is The Destination That Far Away?
Those Who Are Lost In Their Eyes.

Arise You, On Your Conscience,
Keep The Hope Burning.
If You Want To Get The Sky, Then
You Should Not Get Tired So Soon.

Shaking Waves
Have Also Seen From The Rocks.
They Take Their Exams And
Then They Also Give Paths.

Why Did You Kneel Even Before Achieving The Goal?
Get Up And Fulfill The
Dream You Have Seen.

Keep On Winning
, You Kill Every Bite Of The Path, Do
N’t Stop, You
Lose Somewhere.

Your Destination Is In You,
This Is You, You Know,
Veer Is Not You, Where I
Should Recognize Me.

The One
Who Will Be Defeated By The Troubles Of Life, You Will
Not Be
Called A Coward, You Will Be Called A Coward.

Obstacles Will Definitely Come In The Way,
But You Will Not Have To Be Afraid Of Them,
Hard Work Is The Key To Success,
You Will Have To Face It Firmly.

There Will Also Be Others Of Your Own
Who You Will Succeed,
Even Your Own Will Not Be Yours
Who Will Fail?

Salutations To Miracles
Always Happen That You Know It Is
Special In This Where
You Recognize Yourself.

Keep Irrigating,
Save The Tree Of Life, Do
Not Stop With Every Weed, You
May Lose Somewhere.

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