iTunes 12.8 Free Download

iTunes 12.8 free Download brings some performance-based improvements focusing on discovering and managing your favorite music, TV shows, songs, podcasts, movies, and audiobooks.

iTunes 12.8 free Download

Editor’s Note: iTunes is a state-of-the-art tool, more than a multimedia player, having a long tabulation of the features that are available to provide the users with a unique experience with the multimedia. Whether it is the music, movies, or TV shows, the iTunes store is a fantastic facility for those who do not want to look for blockbuster movies or top melodies on their own; one can browse using the search bar and find the appropriate album or a video, quite conveniently.

iTunes 12.8: Product Review

iTunes is a notorious and practically amusing platform with up-to-the-minute technology, the paramount reason behind its lap of luxury is that it is not a typical multimedia player. This software has much more to offer than any other multimedia player, it stays in sync with all the iDevices being utilized under the same account, Yes! You got it right; the user is free from the hassle of transferring their favorite tunes from one device to another.

There is an iTunes store, where enthusiasts can purchase, rent, and listen to melodies as well as blockbuster movies. All the TV shows, Music, and videos procured with this app will be ready willing, and able to rejoice on the other gadgets as well, the best thing since sliced bread.

This edition mainly does not contain significant amendments howbeit for Windows enthusiasts, there is an improvement in performance that apparently can’t be noticed visually, but when the users will put it in action it will surely impress them as it’s been doing for decades.

iTunes 12.8 free Download

The earlier update carried some necessary changes along; it permitted the techies to find the “Hits of the day”  in the browser tab, and conjointly, the clips from the catalog were made available to be played in a separate section. The main reason behind minor changes for this version is that the prior one had some prominent things to offer so this upgrade was more about performance than anything else.

What’s New?

This edition does not have significant changes for Windows users, notwithstanding there are a few issues that have been put right, over and above the app has been improved to be more effective in performance.

As this app was upgraded a few months back and that edition had some major changes which included the addition of music videos, and the users have the facility of finding the top video of the day in the browser tab.


  • Performance Improvements.
  • Playlist Organizer.
  • Keeps the Music in One Place.
  • Prompt Sync Operations.
  • Supports iPod, iPad, and iPhone.


  •  Takes Much Time in Backing up.
  •  Still A Lazy Loading Application.

How To Download Apk?

You can easily download it in 2 seconds by following these instructions:

  • Find the Download button on this page (at the end or maybe at the beginning)
  • Click Download
  • The download will start

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 Technical Details.

Nomenclature: Apple iTunes.
 . Genre: Multimedia/Backup Tools.
 . Updated On: 21 of Jan 2023.
 . Official: Apple.Com.
 . Version: 12.8.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Freeware.
 . Setup Size: 191 MB (32) & 251 MB (64).

iTunes 12.8: Product’s Core Features

  • Radio

Stream over the radio stations and enjoy according to the mood and taste, discover new songs if you’re bored of your own playlist.

  • Music Library

Keep all your music in one place and access it anytime without looking for it around, all the music you have or heard on iTunes that is installed on Mac or iPhone will be available on iPod as well, rate music, add it to the playlist and search the most favorite within the app.

  • Playlists

The playlists are presented in a modernized manner, and users can list the songs according to albums, artists or the most listened to ones, one can create its own playlist as well.

  • Synchronization

iTunes syncs the history to the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple device which is in use or running under the same account, so the user does not have to add the same audio and video files to multiple gadgets again and again, as everything will be there already.

  • Multimedia store

The iTune users can download and procure music albums from this application; there is a browser tab to search for the desired music album and video.

  • Backup facility

iTunes is also used for backup; it is an angel in disguise as Apple users can backup their data from iPhones, iPad as well as iPod to it, to access it anytime.

  • Search/Browse

The users can search the music from the playlist; also, one can browse the internet to find and acquire the latest music albums and videos.

  • Create CDs or DVDs

Burn the music to CDs or DVDs to keep a collection; however, the music from the Music catalog cannot be burned to the disks.

  • Enjoy TV Shows

Along with the music, iTunes users also get to approach the TV shows and watch them on iTunes they are also available on the iTunes store and can only be viewed after the successful procurement.

  • Rent or buy movies

Apart from buying music, iTunes users can easily purchase or rent the top movies of all time with high-quality videos.


iTunes 12.8 is a free app for Mac and Windows that helps you organize and play your digital music and video collection on your computer. It also allows you to sync content to your iPod, iPhone, and iPad, as well as download content from the iTunes Store and use Apple Music.

With the new iTunes 12.8, you can enjoy the highest quality music with equalizer settings, save the best moments from your favorite movies and TV shows and get personalized recommendations.

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