Lima Bean Soup with Ham Bone

Lima beans are a staple in many cultures, and Lima Bean Soup is an excellent way to enjoy them. Simple Lima Bean Soup features ham bone as the traditional base of the dish. But feel free to experiment with different ingredients or try it on your own!

Get ready for some delicious comfort food! that’s called Lima Bean Soup

Lima Bean Soup with Ham Bone is a satisfying meal that will keep you warm on even the coldest winter nights. What’s more,

Lima Bean Soup with Ham Bone is a simple dish that will warm you up during the colder months. Made with ham bone, onion, celery, carrot, garlic and water/stock. The soup can be made Vegetarian Lima Bean Soup by substituting vegetable stock for the meat stock. Lima beans are rich in protein and contain high levels of iron making this soup an excellent choice to keep your energy up!

The post includes instructions on how to make Lima Bean Soup with Ham Bone as well as variations on the recipe.


This Recipe has only four Ingredients:

  • Two pounds of dried lima beans (or one pound if using fresh),
  • Five cups water,
  • One onion (chopped),
  • And ham bone (that can be left whole).

Let’s get started!

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