Quotes About Jealousy To Help You Overcome Envy

Here are some quotes about jealousy:

“I was jealous of her for being so close to him. I wanted it all.”

“It’s easy to get jealous if you don’t know what you want.”

“Jealousy is never satisfied with anything short of everything.”

These are just a few examples of how jealousy can affect us in our daily lives and relationships. If you would like to read more, please continue reading this blog post!

“A quote (or quotation) is a brief statement written by someone else in order to convey their thoughts on a particular matter; usually

A quote is a short passage of text that is used to express an idea or opinion. The more quotes you have, the better your blog post will be!

Quotes on Jealousy

“Jealousy is a human emotion that can be both exciting and unpleasant. While it’s natural to feel jealous sometimes, there are many other times where jealousy can get in the way of your life.”

I’m not talking about mild jealousy when someone gets promoted at work or you find out they’re getting married. I’m talking about intense feelings of envy that make you want to sabotage their success while taking all the credit for yourself.

The best thing you can do is try your best not to let these negative thoughts consume you, but instead, work on letting them go so they don’t have power over you anymore.

Jealousy And Envy Quotes

“Jealousy is the act of feeling envy or resentful that someone else has something you do not. Jealousy is an emotion that can be described as a green-eyed monster, referring to its corrosive effects.”

The human experience includes a wide range of emotions, including joy, happiness, sadness, and quotes of jealousy. With this in mind, submit your Favorite Quotes About Jealousy and Envy to the blog post!

Powerful Jealousy Quotes

It’s a dark feeling that lurks in the shadows of your mind. It is a jealous feeling, and it can be so consuming it can feel like you’re losing yourself. But quotes on jealousy are there to remind us that we should not let dark emotions win.

You deserve happiness too! Read on for some powerful words of wisdom from Aristotle, Carl Jung, and even Dr. Seuss to help ease the pain.

Quotes on Competition and Jealousy

Competition and jealousy are two very different emotions. Competition is healthy and can lead to success or failure, whereas envy just leads to unhappiness. These quotes on jealousy will help you see the difference between these two feelings.

This blog post contains many of the most famous quotes on competition and jealousy from people like Aristotle, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Zig Ziglar as well as myself!

It’s time to take a look at what some of our greatest thinkers have said on this topic over the years. Prepare for your mind to be blown by some of these quotes that shed light on how we should handle rivalry in life!

Jealous Women Quotes

Jealous Women Quotes, or any jealous people quotes for that matter, can be highly entertaining and provide us with a glimpse of the human condition – it’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves. But in all seriousness, jealousy is an ugly emotion.”

Quotes About Jealousy tell us what people think about this poisonous feeling. It’s important to understand why we feel such strong emotions when we see others doing well.”

“The following list contains some famous quotes from famous men and women who have experienced feelings of jealousy before: “

Many people experience jealousy and it can lead to some regrettable mistakes. Who hasn’t been jealous at one point or another?

“I feel that I am not good enough for you.” “It’s really hard to be with someone who always seems to have something better than you.”

“You don’t know how happy I was before you came along. You’ve ruined everything!”

These are just a few of the quotes about jealousy from jealous women.

“Women who are jealous and insecure in their relationships often say the most hurtful things to their partners. Let’s explore some quotes from famous women about jealousy and see what we can learn.”

I know that I have felt jealousy before, but now I understand how destructive it is and try to avoid those feelings as much as possible. It’s not easy though! A quote from Anaïs Nin really resonates with me:

“I am jealous of what you write about; because you do it so well.”

Jealous of Success Quotes

Jealousy is a feeling that can be difficult to control. It’s natural to feel jealous, but it doesn’t have to consume you. Read these quotes about jealousy and see what they say on the topic of success and how it relates to jealousy.

“Jealousy is a powerful emotion that can take root in any relationship.”


“I always get angry when I see people doing better than me because I think they don’t deserve it.”


“You know its time for change if you’re too afraid of losing things as opposed to not wanting them enough.”


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