Les Brown Quotes About Life, Dreams and The Greatness Within You

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” – les brown quotes. What does this quote mean? This means that success is achieved through hard work and not instantaneously. There are no shortcuts to reaching your goals in life, but with patience and perseverance you can reach them! It’s important to remember that with every step comes an opportunity for improvement. So take the time each day to reflect on how you can be better tomorrow than yesterday! “Every day brings with it new opportunities.” -les brown quotes. What does this quote mean? This is another way of saying that there’s always room for growth- even if things don’t go as planned or hoped they would, there will always be an opportunity for improvement tomorrow.

Motivational Les Brown Quotes About Dreams

“Les Brown is a motivational speaker and author who inspires many people around the world with his words. He says that if you have a dream, then what are you waiting for? The time to pursue it is now.”
“Brown also shares that “the only thing standing between us and our goal is often our own thinking. It’s not enough to just want something or wish for it; we must work towards it as well.” And he believes in perseverance, which means never giving up on your dreams no matter how hard things get.”

Les Brown is a world renowned motivational speaker and author. He shares his thoughts on how to live life with purpose and meaning in the book, “Live Your Dreams.” In this book he states that dreams are not for everyone but they should be pursued by those who have them. They provide hope for the future and can turn your life around. Les Brown believes that “we all need dreams to survive.” This post will give you some of his most inspiring quotes about dreaming big!

les brown quotes

Dreams are what motivate us to be better, and one of the most famous quotes by Les Brown is “A person without a dream is like a person without a destination.” When you have something worth dreaming about, you’ll find that all your hard work will pay off.

“Les Brown is a famous motivational speaker and author. His quotes about dreaming are so inspirational for all of us to get out there, work hard, and make our dreams come true!”

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