How To Choose A Good Niche To Succeed In Blogging?

When People Start Blogging, Their Biggest Problem Is How To Choose A Niche For Their Blogger Website. The Reason For Most Of The People Fail Is That They Choose The Wrong Niche. So How To Choose The One Who Keeps Giving You Profit. But Before That Let Us Understand What Is Low.

What Is Niche?

When I Was In 12th My Parents Used To Tell Me Only One Thing You Have To Study Well This Year, Score Well, And Go For Engineering Or Medical. At That Time I Had No Other Interest, So I Listened To My Parents And Took an Admission To Chemical Engineering In A Famous College In Nagpur. But After Attending One Week of Lectures And Practicals, I Understood That No One Else Could Have A Boring Career For Me Than Chemical Engineering. But Now Four Years Will Have To Be Taken Out Of It.

Didn’t Get A Job After Engineering. Entered The World Of Computers And The Internet And Then I Understood How Much I Enjoy Working On a PC. If We Talk About Career In Job, Then Only Rough Careers Are Available Like Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Commerce, Accountancy, Hotel Management Extra. My Parents Wanted To Send Me To Engineering Or Medical. Because There Is More Money In Engineering And Medical Than In Other Careers. It Must Have Happened To Many People Like Me That Their Parents Want To Send Them To High Paying Careers.

So Just Like It Happens In A Job, It Happens While Blogging. There Are So Many Careers That Are Niche In A Way. While Starting Blogging, You Have To Decide On Which Niche To Work in. Meaning That On Which Topic Make A Blog. When People Start Blogging, They Make Their Site In Any Niche By Reading From Here Or Watching YouTube Videos And The Problem Comes That They Find It Boring To Work On These sites.

With Such Enthusiasm, I Wrote Two Or Four Posts, Wrote 10 15, It Has Been One Month, Has Been Two Months Or Four Months, and Neither Interest Is Coming Nor Result Is Coming. After That Another Two To Three Months Let’s See And After That Stop Working. This Is The Story Of Most People When They Want To Blog.

Then How To Choose The Low One So That You Can Enjoy And Profit As Well. There Are So Many Lows You Can Work On. Such As Technology, Fashion, Health, Finance, Shopping, Money, Marketing, Fitness, Politics, Business, Sports, Jobs, Motivation, Career, Entertainment, Mobile, Investment, Food, Games, Personal Development, Relationships, Travel, Electronics, Crypto Currency, Beauty And Many More Are Low. So After All, How To Choose The Lowly?

Three Important Steps To Choose A Niche

Passion, Interest, Knowledge, And Experience

You Have To Check What Is Your Passion And Interest. Which Topic Do You Enjoy Reading About? What Are The Topics About Which You Know Better Than Others? You Have To Find That Thing. You Can Be Interested In Sports, Fitness, Gardening, Practice, Travelling, Music, Games, Gadgets, Shopping, Fashion, Or Anything Else.

Passion Or Interest Because You Will Have To Deal With Life Long In Your Niche, You Will Have To Read, Research, And Write. If You Can’t Enjoy Your Low, It’s Hard To Stay In It For Many Years. It May Also Happen That You Are Not Interested In Any Field, But Your Work is Regularly In That Field Or It Is Your Field, Then Because Of That, You Have A Lot Of Knowledge Or Experience In That Particular Niche.

Like You Are Studying Law Or Doing A Job In This Field. Whether You Deal In Real Estate Or On Any Other Topic, You Can Share Your Knowledge And Experience With People. Because People Like To Read Those Content On The Website In Which Someone Is Sharing Their Expertise.

Broad VS Narrow VS Micro Niche

What Type Of Niches Do You Work In? So If I Want To Start My Blog Today Then I Will Work On Some Nero Neech Or Micro Neech. If I Talk About Money Connections, Then There Are Many Narrow Options Available. Like I Will Start A Blog On Make Money Idea. Either On Money Saving Ideas Or Just On Affiliate Marketing.

If I Talk About Micro Niche Then I Can Go Even Deeper Like Online Service Or Transcription In Making Money Idea Which Is Very Easy Lowe. Or Talking About Blogging, I Can Create A Blog On WordPress Themes Or Web Hosting Reviews. Which Is Very Profitable Low. Or I Can Work On One Of The Ideas In Money Saving Ideas.

There Are Many Benefits Of Working In Micro News.

  • Competition Was Not Much.
  • Google Ranking May Come Close.
  • Highly Targeted.
  • No Need To Write Much Content.
  • You Can Change it Anytime.

Many People Have A Miss-Consumption That Broad Niches Are Very Profitable In Comparison To Macro Niches. But That Doesn’t Happen Often. 90% Of The Traffic On Any Website Comes On 10% Or Even Fewer Posts And 10% Of The Traffic Comes On More Than 90% of Posts. For Example, If You Analyze The Money Collection, Then Only 30 To 40 Posts Get Maximum Traffic.

If You Make A Separate Website With These Posts, Then It Can Become A Micro Low Website, But The Traffic Is The Same. So Try Micro Low Website. Create Good High-Quality Content On It, Do Good SEO, and You Will Get Success Fast.

Profitability Of A Niche

How Do You Know How Profitable A Business Is? You Can Find Out About This In These 6 Ways.

  1. How Is The Transactional Activity In That Low?
  2. How Many Affiliate Programs Are There To Promote?
  3. Does This Solve Any Problem Of Lowly Kisi?
  4. What Is The Monthly Search Volume In Google?
  5. How Is The Social Engagement Of This Lowly?
  6. How Much Is The Competition A Little Competition Necessary?

These Are Some Examples Of Profitable Niches Such As Gardening Equipment, Dog Food, Pregnancy Supplements, Car Accessories, Web Hosting Reviews

After Reading This Article Can You Decide Your Low? Will Definitely Tell Through Comments. If You Liked This Article, Then Definitely Share It With Your Friends.

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