FL Studio Mobile Apk v4.14+OBB data (Unlocked 2023)

When you are a creator of music, want to become a DJ, or make your own songs then you are in continuous search of the best music making. But now you don’t have to search for so long for such a great music-making application which is FL studio mobile app. You can easily edit music or produce your own songs by using this amazing application.


Listening to music is a necessity for many people. Music is an integral part of our lives. In different eras, different music was popular and music genres have become evolved with the passage of time. People use different applications to listen to the music of their favorite genre and some are using these apps to mix the sounds, edit the music, or produce their own music. As we continue producing new songs, we continually evolve how they are made. If you love music and are interested in its production then this app is a must-try for you.

FL Studio Mobile Apk v4.14+OBB data (Unlocked 2023)

What is FL Studio Mobile?

FL Studio Mobile app is the most useful and powerful audio-creating and music-producing app that let you create and save multiple projects on your mobile or tablet device. It is developed by Image-Line. It has crossed thousands of downloads in Google Play Store. You can easily and effortlessly customize and produce music with a wide range of effects using drum pads, pianos, and drum kits.

On this platform, you can find a fully functional FL studio mobile APK with an OBB data file. You can download and install this app on your device and start creating your own music with the help of all the wonderful effects which help you freely edit and finalize a masterpiece of your music.

With the help of this application, you can create the art of the best music without having the need any equipment to compose the music whether you are creating songs for your personal or professional use. Continue reading this article if you want to grab more information about this amazing application.

User Guide for FL Studio Mobile

You can create any type of music using the wide range of effects provided in this app. By using samplers drum kits, synthesizers and slice loop beads you can create diverse music with the help of the FL Mobile Studio app and some of these effects are configurable such as drum pads and virtual piano keyboards.

For the convenience of users, this app supports MIDI file import and export. While mixing music by using a mixer you can do a lot of changes to any music like solo, effect bus, per-track mute, pan, and volume adjustments.

Steps to Follow

With the help of following simple steps, you can easily learn how to use this application. so let’s get started!

  • From your mobile phone or SD card, import the music of your choice to the application.
  • You can add more than one song of your choice to create a single mix track.
  • Additionally, you can create a song from scratch by using different layers and utilizing different effects from the given instruments and effects.
  • If you want to get more accurate results, you can connect with your own portable keyboards, drum sets, and synths.

Along with that, you can export your track to many different formats such as MP3, WAC, and FLAC. You can edit your music right from where you left the project at any time.

Many thanks to FL studio mobile, you can easily compose music without the need for a PC or laptop. By using the multi-track feature, you can easily create complex tracks according to your need. No matter how difficult it is, you can easily create what you want to compose. Many thanks to this instinctive app!

If you are not interested in creating your own content you can purchase the sample song from the sample Library. These songs consist of the instrument modules such as DirectWave, Drum Sampler, Sample Player, Transistor Bass, GMS, and many more! It also contains other effect modules such as the Auto Pitch, Auto Ducker, and many more!

FL Studio Mobile Apk v4.14+OBB data (Unlocked 2023)

Additional Information

NAMEFL Studio Mobile
measures245.5 MB
Packer Namecom.imageline.FLM
Android required4.1 and above
Updated20 Dec 2022

Complete FL Studio Tools & Features

This latest version of FL studio mobile is packed with different and awesome tools and features. Users can create simple music to the most complex and diverse mixes possible and there is no limit if you are a DJ, composer, or music producer. Let’s have a look at the different tools and features available:

Diverse Location – Using the FL studio mobile application to prepare your mixes does not require the instrument to be present at that time. Rather, FLS can imitate the sound, bases, and tones of the entire spectrum of a musical note in the world. Such great features make this a unique mixing app.

You can easily surprise your friend by telling that you had created a new hit song by using just a single smartphone app. When they are curious about ‘How you have done it’?

Best Use of all the Effects – Additionally, the FL Studio Mobile app for Android provides you with all the necessary effects required to edit the sounds you can prepare and freely edit any type of music by using the following effects:

  • Auto Ducker
  • Auto Pitch
  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Distortion
  • compressor
  • Equalizer
  • Flanger
  • Limiter
  • Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Delays
  • Reverb
  • Stereoizer
  • Tuner

Instinctive Mixer

Some additional mixer options include Effect Bus, Pan, Per-Track Mute, Solo, and Volume. By using these different options you can provide transitional effects to your soundtracks to give it a smooth and crisp feeling.

Export and Import Format

There are various import and export options available when you want to send your singular multitrack music. Along with MIDI support, FL studio mobile also supports the WAV MP3 FLAC format. While using these high-quality export options you can easily select the quality for greater control. FLS mobile app is one solution to all your music problems.


FLS is compatible with almost all devices when you are thinking of sharing your music projects. With just a stable Internet connection you can easily share your music with more than one Android mobile device, iOS, and Windows users.

Clear and User-Friendly Interface

All the above-mentioned tools and features make it easy to create your own music mixes. It is a very clear and user-friendly application and mixing is not a difficult process anymore. All the new and season DJs are welcome to test their skills using the FL studio mobile mix.

Features Highlights

  • Browse samples and presets with preview * Effects modules * Audio recording, track-length stem/wav import (see Included Content)
  • Support for full-screen DeX and Chromebook Touch, Trackpad, and Mouse.
  • High-quality synthesizers, samplers, drum kits, and sliced-loop beats (see Included Content)
  • Open FL STUDIO and load projects*
  • This app’s FREE plugin version * MIDI controller support (class compliant). Help with automation.
  • MIDI file import/export (single or multi-track) * Mixer: per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan, and volume adjustment
  • Piano roll: Edit notes or record live performances. WAV, MP3, AAC*, FLAC, and MIDI files can be saved and loaded. Share your songs with other Mobile 3 installations via Wi-Fi or the cloud.
  • The sequencer of steps The user interface is adaptable to all screen resolutions and sizes. Drumpads and a virtual piano keyboard
FL Studio Mobile Apk v4.14+OBB data (Unlocked 2023)


Despite having all the great and awesome features described above, this app also has some flaws.

Need a Good Mic for your Recordings

One of the major defects is the low recording quality. To make this recording feature work better the user needs to use a decent mic if they wish to import raw singing from their device and to make the sound quality better. Otherwise, the result of the sound quality will be quite bad, particularly in cheap hardware devices.

How To Download and Install Apk?

The FL Studio Mobile application is available on the Google Play store but as this is a premium app you must have to pay a fee to buy it. But some third-party developers have provided this app free of cost for all of you.

From our website, you can download the latest version of FL studio mobile APK + OBB on your phone and you are ready to make your own mixes. This latest version is available for free and you don’t have to pay any money. All you have to do is download the application and follow the installation process on your Android device

  1. Firstly, open the Android setting and go to the ‘security’ option.
  2. Now go to ‘Device Administration’.
  3. Enable the ‘unknown resources; option.
  4. Start the downloading process by clicking on the above link.
  5. Locate the file in your download folder.
  6. Open the file and click on it.
  7. Now click on the install button and wait to finish the installation.
  8. Open the installed application and use it right away.


The FL studio mobile application is one of the perfect tools for musicians and singers who are interested in creating their own music and performing multiple tasks anytime and anywhere. Isn’t it surprising that one can easily create its own music by using just a single music editing application? The app is fully packed with advanced features that make it a must-use for everyone.

In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with every piece of information needed to use this application and get an idea about this app. If you find the provided information interesting then share it with your friends and family over the Internet and in case of any difficulty downloading this application do comment below.


How to Download FL Studio Mobile on my Android device?

Just download the application from the above link and follow the installation process which is very easy.

Is it safe to use FL Studio Mobile via APK File?

Of course, it is completely safe. All the apps on our websites are fully tested and free from any harm and security issues.

Will my data be lost if I update the FL Studio Mobile app?

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data if you update your application.

Which instruments are supported by FL Studio Mobile?

As you continue using FL studio mobile, you will become aware of all the instruments that can be used in this app. You can use high-quality synthesizers, sliced-loop beats, drum kits, piano keyboards, and other awesome effects to create a good music mix.

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