Vmod Apk v3.4.9.6 Download Latest for Android (Ad-free)

Vmod Apk v3.4.9.6 Download Latest for Android (Ad-free) is an Android game that belongs to the genre of simulation. It is developed by VinforLab Team. The Vmod app has age restrictions. the age recommended to use this app is 15+ years. In this article, we have come up with the latest version of Vmod ack which has received a great rating and has been installed thousand times.

Vmod Apk v3.4.9.6 Download Latest for Android (Ad-free)

In this game, you can construct your bases and make different buildings you can make your army and other clans to defend yourself in war. When you go to the upgraded level of this game you experience new resources and characters. Free mode APK comes along with the many interesting gaming features that are described below in this article.

Explore around the globe

In this game, you have to defeat the battles. These battles take place in a variety of locations. The game allows for up to 9 positions. A desert, a city with many high-rise buildings, an empty location where you can see your enemies, or a location with many trees and several houses.

This will pique your interest. When you participate in the battles, you will be transported to various locations. Furthermore, with 3D smooth graphics and vibrant colors, you can contribute to the game in a more lively manner. Players will be drawn into the battles by the vivid sounds. The sounds of the helicopter, gunfire, and explosion…

When you first start playing Vmod MOD APK, you will be asked to enter your nickname. This nickname will follow you throughout the game and serve as proof that your friends recognize you. However, the player can still change their nickname in the game’s settings. After you’ve given the nickname, you’ll see the game’s interface, which is quite simple and helps the player discover the game more easily. You can now participate in battles.

There is only one winner in any battle. As a result, you must exercise caution and conceal yourself before the death match begins. Many enemies are attempting to assassinate you. You must also understand the gameplay.


In the game, you must pay attention to three buttons. The first button is labeled “Jump.” This button will assist your character in jumping over oversteps or low obstacles. To shoot, press the second button. It is located to the right of the “Jump” button. To shoot at the enemies, players simply tap the button. The final button is the control button.

Vmod Apk v3.4.9.6 Download Latest for Android (Ad-free)

This button is used to move the character. The control button, in particular, appears only when the players touch the left side of the screen. Your character can move straight ahead or down to the left or right. Furthermore, the shooting angle can be adjusted in a variety of ways. Avoid landing objects by flying directly above them. Point the gun’s nose at the enemy. Let’s move quickly to eliminate as many enemies as possible.

You can also construct solid houses. During the battle, the houses will serve as protective shields. Furthermore, there are over 21 prop sections in the game, including CBombs, Building, Misc, Devices, Army, Furniture, Vehicle, and so on. The shields are simple to construct. Many of your own props will be housed in one prop section. In the Furniture prop section, for example, there are sofas, chairs, beds, lavabos, and cupboards.

However, in the Devices prop section, you will find computers, printing machines, engines, and a variety of other machines. You can add helicopters to the Air Vehicle section. Touch the “D” button to enter the helicopter and control it using the buttons and arrows.

Multiplayer Mode

In the game, there is a special point. That is how the multiplayer mode works. You will be able to meet and get to know many different players from around the world. But keep in mind that they are still your adversaries in battle. With this mode, you can invite your friends and family to fight alongside you in battles. This makes you and your friends more coherent.

In Vmod apk, there are two ways for players to participate in battles. The first method is to quickly enter the room provided by the game. To join the battle, press the “Quick” button. However, it is difficult for you to see your friends. The second option is to join the rooms that the various players have created. You can also make your own room and invite your friends to join you.

You only need to tap the “Join” button. You must have the password for this room in order to join the available rooms. When you join some rooms, you will not be asked for a password. Let’s go look for those rooms.

It is extremely simple to make space. It’s so easy. Simply enter the name of the room and click the “Create” button. If you want, the name of the room can be generated at random. You can set the password, the number of players in the room, and the location where the battles will take place while creating the room.


  • Play with your friends in this entertaining sandbox
  • Build with over 700 props;
  • Make use of the following tools: Weld, Thrusters, Spawner, Paint Tool, Explosion Tool, Scale Tool, and others.
  • Operate vehicles such as buses, cars, and helicopters.

Additional Information

NAMEVmod apk
measures52.0 MB
DeveloperVinforLab Team
Packer Namecom.vinforlabteam.vmod
Android required5.0 and above
Updated9 Nov 2022
Vmod Apk v3.4.9.6 Download Latest for Android (Ad-free)


  • New Patch Notes
  • New Enhanced the Alliance help feature.
  • You can now use the search box to find Alliance Members.
  • Bugs are fixed and features are optimized.

Link for you:

How To Download Vmod Apk?

  • Click on the download link provided below.
  • When the app will be downloaded, allow access to unknown resources.
  • Enter into the device setting then security and check on unknown resources.
  • After completing the download install the application and enjoy the game.


Along with many other features provided in this Vmod Apk, its 3D smooth graphics and bright colors have made this game more attractive and interesting. The multiplayer mode will help you to play the game with your family, and friends and meet new players around the globe. This is a must-try game for those people who are interested in defeating battles and building things. In this game, you can use helicopters and cars to move faster to attack your enemies to defeat your battle. You can easily control these objects and players. So, download this game and make new connections.

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