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True Lines For Life In Hindi

The Bitterest Lessons Of Life Are Often Learned From Those Who Speak Sweetly.

Be It Chess Or Life, It Takes Patience To Win.

It Is Better To Die Standing On One’s Own Feet Than To Live On One’s Knees.

Relationships In Life Have Also Become Like Jobs, Nowadays They Change As Soon As Offers Are Received.

When Time Takes A Turn, Neither Bets Nor Lives Are Turned.

Don’t Expect Anything From Anyone In Life, Only Expect From Yourself.

Never Consider Anyone Useless In Life Because Even A Closed Clock Shows The Correct Time Twice In A Day.

Who Is Doing What, Why Is Doing It, As Much As You Stay Away From All These Things And Only Care About Your Work, Then You Will Go Far In Life?

Always Start Living Life By Considering Yourself Special, Because God Has Not Created Anyone On This Earth As A Waste.

Work So Hard In Life That Even Luck Says, Son, This Is Your Right.

Mark Zuckerberg Says That I Have Never Wasted Time In Party And Show In My Life, So Today I Have Become Rich. Friends, Partying Is Not A Wrong Thing, But It Is Wrong To Think About The Party All The Time And Not Work Hard.

Never Be Proud Of Your Age And Money
Because What Can Be Counted Surely Ends.

Don’t Be Proud Of
Your Beauty,
Age Is Very Short, It
Will Pass Like This.

Till Date No School Has Opened Which Teaches Experience More Than Troubles!

Earn Money In Life Until The Expensive Thing Starts Looking Cheap, Whether It Is Respect Or Goods.

Successful People Change The World With Their Decisions And Unsuccessful People Change Their Decisions Because Of The Fear Of Others.

Don’t Cry By Leaving Someone,
Bring Time In Such A Way That
They Come To Meet Themselves With
New Excuses

“I Know Everything” Is The Thought That Makes A Person A Frog In The Well.

Those Who Wait Get Only As Much As Those Who Try Leave.

Breaking Doesn’t Always Mean Ending, Sometimes Breaking Up Means Beginning Of Life.

Sometimes Some People Want To Help You But Because Of Your Nature And Behavior They Are Not Able To.

No Matter How Much Trouble Comes In Life, Do Not Be Weak Because The Sea Never Dries Up Due To The Heat Of The Sun.

Find Yourself On The Pretext Of Happiness In Life, If You Rely On The Times, You Will Always Find Yourself Unhappy.

When I Started Walking Alone, I Understood That I Too Was No Less Than Anyone.

The Great Wrestler The Rock Says, Be That Person That When You Open Your Eyes In The Morning And Your Feet Touch The Ground, Then Even The Devil Says, “Dhat Ye Then Got Up, Now He Will Work Like Crazy To Achieve His Goal.”

Don’t Be Shy About Four Things In Life:

If There Is No Girlfriend,

Having Old Clothes,

In Poor Conditions,

Being An Old Parent.

Useful Thoughts In Life

If God Is Making You Wait Longer Then Be Ready He Is Going To Give You More Than What You Asked For.

In Life, Respect, Love, Praise, And Prayers Are Not Sought, They Are Earned.

Failure Can Never Defeat You In Life If You Have The Determination To Succeed.

Water Makes The Tree Grow By Giving Its Whole Life, So Perhaps Water Never Lets The Wood Sink, A Similar Principle Of Parents.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone In Life Like Moon And Sun Cannot Be Compared With Anyone Because They Shine On Their Own Time.

People Are Important In Your Life But Not So Much That You Put Your Respect At Their Feet.

A Person Who Understands The Importance Of Time Can Do Anything In His Life.

Time Is Very Important In Our Life If We Understand It Then We Will Not Be Short Of Time And If It Is Not Understood Then We Will Not Have Time To Do Any Work.

It Often Happens In The Journey Of Life That Difficult Decisions Are Better.

If There Is Never A Bad Time In Life, Then You Will Never Know About The Non-Hidden In Your Loved Ones And You’re Hidden In The Non. Long Live Rama

The Only Relation Of Life Is True Which Gives Respect Behind The Back.

The Greatest Joy In Life Is Doing What People Say You Can’t Do.

Do Not Do So Much Wrong To A Right Person That You Have To Regret The Deception Done To Him For The Rest Of Your Life.

Not Every Gift Is Necessarily Something, Love, Care, And Respect Are Also Very Good Gifts.

Teach Me Some Tricks, Innocence In Life Is Costing Me Dearly.

Do Not Prove Your Goodness, Time Will Prove It Itself One Day.

If You Want To Enjoy Life, Then Do Not Compare Your Life With Others, Because Today Man Is More Unhappy With The Happiness Of Others Than He Is Unhappy With His Own Sorrows.

Do Not Be Disappointed If No One Supports You In Life Because There Is No Better Companion Than God.

There Are Two Such Plants In The World That Sometimes After Withering, Try A Million Times, But Do Not Bloom. One Is Love And The Other Is Trust.

Never Be Too Quick To Believe What You Have Heard Because Lies Always Spread Faster Than The Truth.

At Any Cost, Never Leave The Person Who Has Given These 3 Things – Togetherness, Time, And Dedication

Shri Krishna Says That You Can Spend As Much Time Together As It Is Written To Spend With Any Person In Luck. The Day The Time Ends, The Relationship Will End Automatically..!

Always Have Courage And Go Ahead, Even God Gets Taunts, So We Are A Human Being. Why To Blame Fate And Others, When Dreams Are Ours, Then Our Efforts Should Also Be Ours.

Start From Where You Ended. What You Get Will Be Better Than What You Lose.

If You Earn Alone And Eat The Whole House, Then Do Not Be Proud, Thank The Above That God Has Chosen You For This Good Work.

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