Best Tom Brady Quotes Motivational Inspirational

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“But it’s not just his success that makes Tom Brady so inspirational–it’s also what he says.” “He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, but at the same time manages to be relatable with quotes like ‘I’m not perfect.'” “It can be hard for some people to find motivation in their day-to-day lives. But with any luck, these Tom Brady quotes will help you find your inner strength.”

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in football. He has been a starter for the New England Patriots since 2001 and has been to seven Super Bowls in his career.

Tom Brady achieved immortality in 2017 when he helped lead his team to a 34-28 comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium with 5:54 remaining in the game by throwing an 11-yard pass to Danny Amendola.

This was also his fifth Super Bowl win, putting him second all-time only behind Hall of Famer Charles Haley for most wins as a player with five rings. In 2013, Tom Brady won his fourth SuperBrady’s NFL MVP award, leading the league with 4,343 yards passing and 33 touchdowns while having just eight interceptions on 366

Tom Brady Motivational Quotes

“The more I do what I love, the more energy I have.”

Tom Brady

“I think about how lucky I am to be playing football.”

Tom Brady

“No matter what happens next year or any other year of my life–I’m always going to be grateful that I had Joe Montana as my mentor.”

– Tom Brady

Famous Tom Brady Quotes

The best way to get ahead in life is to be nice to the ones who are already there.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been quoted as saying many wise things. He’s an NFL quarterback, he’s won five Super Bowls, and he’s married with kids. His wisdom is something that we can all learn from.

Tom Brady Inspirational Quotes

Here are some inspirational Tom Brady quotes for everyday life! Tom Brady’s words have really inspired me throughout my own journey. I hope they inspire you as well!

“If you’re not working hard enough, then someone else is,” says Tom Brady in ESPN’s The Body Issue 2016.

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