Top 21 Latest Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Top 21 Latest Fb Life Quotes In Hindi for FRee in 2021

  1. I will keep walking on the path, Fb Life Quotes In Hindi I will become an expert in walking, either I will get the destination or I will become a traveler.
  2. The house where a woman smiles with an open heart, happiness comes running.
  3. The wrong person cannot think right about anyone.
  4. Whatever be the clock in hand, but the time should be its own.
  5. Never lose what is already yours to get something new.
  6. We have stopped asking for time from anyone, do not know that they do not even have time for refusal.
  7. Never change yourself for anyone, it’s a bad time, people will change themselves by changing you.
  8. Appreciate someone as much as he does you, unaccounted for will destroy your peace.
  9. Grievances last only till breathing, later only regrets remain.
  10. Some people don’t show it but care a lot.
  11. Fear will always keep you a prisoner, but open-mindedness will always keep you a king.
  12. No one is small or big by status, sir, it happens by thinking.
  13. The game is all about it, some eat it with butter, some eat it dry and some don’t even know how to get it everyday.
  14. Be nice, but don’t try to prove it.
  15. Not a selfie, but if you can pull someone’s pain, then definitely pull it, God himself will like it.
  16. I’ll try until I win.
  17. Be it the ray of the sun or of hope, it dispels all the darkness of life.
  18. People nowadays ask for forgiveness not to apologize for the mistake, but to end the matter.
  19. A short life, by making someone happy, sir, if the lamp is lit, the darkness is considered bad.
  20. Mean people praise in front and do evil behind their back.
  21. Relationships should not be weak, if one is silent then the other should give voice.

Life is paradise as long as parents are with you…

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Believe me, live with an open heart, if you think of age and the world, you will keep on thinking.

Do whatever you want freely because this day is not going to come back again.

Time does not have enough time to give you time again.

What they thought would be a spectacle, I kept quiet and turned everything around.

Life is only once, why not live it freely…

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Those who exist are strong even without a position.

I agree if someone takes my life by defeating me, but I do not give another chance to the one who cheats.

Do not be proud of money, color and form, because the one who does ego is definitely broken by the beat of time…

When the responsibilities increase on the head, the desires automatically commit suicide.

Lovers are found many, there are some who appreciate.

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Wealth can also be inherited, but identity has to be made by oneself.

The greatest victory of man is to gain control over himself.

My wishes are incomplete but I fulfill my efforts.

Be happy for those who don’t want to see you happy.

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

We are also so stupid, we expect justice from the dishonest world.

If you want to become capable, you have to fall, my friend, because the real fun of eating sweets is known only after eating chili.

Today’s people build relationships with needs, not with hearts.

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Half of a man’s beauty lies in his tongue.

Not much but be so successful that you can fulfill every wish of your parents.

What can anyone spoil us, our fate has been written by whom no one can spoil anything….

Do not remember God more than necessary, because if someday God remembers, then you will have to give to take….

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Broken faith and lost childhood never come back…

Have faith, be patient, time will also change and happiness will also be destined..

Man does not get tired of diseases as much as anxiety makes him tired.

Good days don’t come just by sitting, to get them you have to fight through bad days.

Neem leaves are bitter, but they clean the blood.

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

Never think of defeating the one who taught you as much.

I enjoy walking alone, no one walks ahead and no one is left behind.

Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience…

You can never become better without admitting your mistake.

Fb Life Quotes In Hindi

We have changed the way we are angry, instead of getting angry, now we smile lightly…

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