OceanKing 99 net for Android and iOS

Looking for a real gaming experience and profitability? then oceanking 99 net is a great platform for you if you are a casino lover. Ocean king 99 net is a project of X Games. X games are the fastest-growing company that provides great gaming application for casino lovers. It targets not only usual casino games like blackjack and slots but on American and new European trends like fish shooting games. In this article, you’ll Learn all about X Games and how to get them on your Android or iOS device.

OceanKing 99 net: This classic fishing game with 3D gold effects will give you amazing and thrilling fun in the arcade and you will become a master and star with the great skills of the fishing game. You can play it from anywhere all over Asia with three million players.

100% REAL PEOPLE VS INTERNET endless awards, wonders, and investors are standing by to get you together with a large number of epic cannonballs. No, we’re not leaving this evening! 1000 cannons are celebrity top choices, the shots don’t vanish prior to stirring things up around town, free rewards, money boxes, and space games are likewise accessible, so you won’t ever get exhausted!

User-Friendly Interface

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform with an intuitive interface, then you’ve found what you are looking for! The website’s UI (User Interface) is very user-friendly, and the apps have a clean look. Even a beginner can use the app because the platform is easy to navigate If you are looking to build your brand, this is a great place to start!

OceanKing 99 net

Introduction to Oceanking 99 net

2018 hot game in each road in Asia, one of the arcade unbelievable fishing, in the current arcade fishing, based on the game, the full acknowledgment of multiplayer network dating companions, steers and dairy cattle gambling machine is a solitary machine fishing and different games in the pocket of the game Two pick!

★ Unique in relation to different games, we will give free gold coins, regardless of whether or not put away, that very day can play consistently hair journal!

★ Game can be 4 individuals in a similar room with the game, perusing each other with the image, continuously sending data visits, and constant companions to see the fishing impact, you can get the Chief, the game MM is truly gorgeous! GG is additionally attractive to break the sky! Game dating is both wrong!

★ Notwithstanding the exemplary fishing play, there are locked screens and different capabilities, with an assortment of delightful stunning posts, Manager tears in tears! To get the Supervisor can drop different props chest, as well as privateer shark draw, in the event that you are an expert of the fishing ace, should make sure to play over, house divine beings are yelling for your hair!

Additional Information

NAMEOceanking 99 net
CategoryFree Action Game
DeveloperX Games
Android required5.0 and above and iOS

Top Games

The ocean king games offer a variety of familiar and top games. Most of the games in its library belong to the fishing game but some other category games are also available. Below we are mentioning some of the top games available

  • Fish Hunter
  • Crab Avengers
  • Golden Toad
  • 6s
  • Boy King Treasure
  • Robin Hood
  • Fortune Panda
  • Boy King Treasure
  • Orient Express.

Fish Shooting Games

The basic concept of this game was defined a few years ago. It is a game in which four people play and shoot the fish with guns and collect rewards. The player who shoots the last fish will win the game.

During the game, each player must focus on the decision that which fish to shoot and catch. You can use your real money to buy some weapons and boost your game potential.

The following difficulty levels you will face in water during the shooting game

  • The first difficulty level is easier in which fish are easy to kill you will have to spend less money to buy weapons to kill them and get your reward.
  • The second difficulty level is medium in which fish are a bit little more difficult to kill than the first level and you have to use more potent weapons to commensurate your reward.
  • The last difficulty level will bring huge rewards but in this fish are very hard to kill.
OceanKing 99 net

As described above, this game is simple, but it requires some tricks and strategies, and skills to get used to it. After a few matches, you definitely know what you are going to do and what style you should choose next. You can also take advice from specialized forums. It’s not really complicated. To be a master of this game all you need to do is practice and practice.

How To Download Oceanking 99 net?

You need to download this game from the web page of X Games. the team of X Games developed a great app for Android and iOS users. The web page is also doing well but the app provides a better gameplay

Create Account

Registration is required. You need to sign up to get all features of gameplay. You need to follow these three steps

  1. Go to oceanking 99 net and click on ‘Register’
  2. For access, you need to log in by using your account e-mail, password, and username.
  3. You got your registration, now explore all the benefits of this game.

For Android

The team of this app has optimized the application according to both Android and iOS devices. To install it on an Android device you need to follow the following instruction

  1. Go to oceanking99.net by using your Android device
  2. Click on the download button which is provided at the bottom left of the page
  3. Tap on ‘get it on Google Play’ and scan the QR code.
  4. Download the app and run the installation
  5. Allow third-party installation in your phone setting if there is some problem with the installation
  6. Now the app has been installed. Launch the app and enter X Games and enjoy the app.

For iOS

The developer has optimized the app for iOS owners also because the app performs better than the web version. If you want to enjoy this app on your iPhone device, do the following steps

  • Go to the original casino website and check that the website is correct
  • Click on the download button
  • The window will appear to download on App Store.
  • Now click on go to App Store and download the app from the window that opens
  • After downloading and installing open the app and enter your login information


X games are the fastest-growing company that provides great gaming applications for casino lovers. It targets not only usual casino games like blackjack and slots but also new and unusual ones. The products of this company are very popular in the market as they are unique and interesting. Apart from games, the company develops mobile applications, online casinos, and other interesting projects. If you like this must share it with your family and friends over the internet.

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