Mangafreak Apk for Android – Free Download [Updated 2022]

When manga lovers are searching to read and download free manga stories, the Mangafreak apk for Android is the right choice. There are so many great manga sites out there that it can be tough to choose just one to read from. However, Mangafreak Apk is definitely one of the best options available.

Thanks to its amazing user interface and vast collection of cartoon shows, the number of visitors to the site has grown significantly in recent months. Whether you’re looking for a specific title or just want to browse through a huge selection of manga, Mangafreak is definitely worth checking out!

In this article, you will get to know all the features of manga, how to download it for free and which permissions are required while using this app and all you want to know about Manga.

Mangafreak Apk for Android-onlytoop.com

The team behind Manga Freak Apk for Android are all avid manga lovers. They designed the app by keeping in mind the ease of reading manga online and decided to share and translated it into English and shared it with everyone. English is the most spoken language, so this team decided to do English translation by the use of different scanners they converted The Manga stories into English for the convenience of their readers. These manga stories can be downloaded so readers can read them anywhere. To reduce the file size all manga are converted into JPEG quality.

Mangafreak has completed its online journey of almost five years. It was created to provide quality and free translated English manga worldwide to all manga lovers with the vision of sharing and promoting good manga stories to all the readers

With the help of Mangafreak for Android, you can read your favorite manga stories without any restriction in numerous languages. In the starting days of this app, it received great admiration from all the fans of manga lovers from all over the world. This app is characterized by smoothness and its small size. It is compatible with all Android versions. Users can download it free from Google play and onlytoop.com.

Mangafreak Apk for Android-onlytoop.com

Key Features

  1. Free to Use 

MangaFreak APK for Android is a free manga site. You can download it from any site. this will not charge anything for subscription or give you payment plan forr monthly subscription.


Browsing and navigation is very easy in this app and you can also have search option to read different manga online.


MangaFreak Apk provides manga in HD quality for Android and iOS. If you’re looking for a website that offers a completely immersive manga reading experience, this is the site for you


As a free manga site, MangaFreak Apk for Android comes with a few ads. Although there are quite a few ads on the site, they aren’t too intrusive given the huge collection of manga available. Additionally, this website has no redirects, which is another advantage of MangaFreak. Overall, this website provides an immersive manga reading experience online. 


Last but not least, MangaFreak offers a huge library of the manga shows to watch. All the content here is well organized, making it much easier to read manga here. On this manga site, you can browse categories to find your favorite manga shows. MangaFreak offers a huge number of manga for free, making it ideal for free online manga sites.


Screenshots of Mangafreak Apk for Android

Additional Information

NAMEMangafreak Apk
measures13.5 MB
DeveloperSmart Sun
Packer Namecom.wMangafreak_7181573
Android required4.1 and above
Updated on10 Oct 2022

Permissions Required by Mangafreak Apk for Android

The app requires the following permissions:

  • Allows access to network contacts.
  • Access to network information.
  • Access to the exact location.
  • Access to an approximate location.
  • Allows reading from external storage.
  • Allows the app to save to external storage.
  • Need access to Wi-Fi network information.
  • Access to connect to paired Bluetooth devices.
  • Access to different accounts in the Accounts Service.

What’s new?

Fixed Bugs on Android 4.4

Download Mangafreak Apk for Android: SCAM OR NOT?

The team behind the enthusiastic mangafreak APK Download found it to be convenient to read comics online. They decided to give everyone a manga translated into English so that more people could enjoy it. They edit manga translated into English from various scanners for the convenience of the reader. Readers can also download the manga and make it readable anywhere.

While mangafreak app download is not a fraudulent website, it’s always important for users to be aware of potential signs of fraud when conducting any sort of business online. 

How To Download Apk?

  • To download this app, click the “Download” button above.
  • After waiting for a few seconds, the app opened and is automatically downloaded to your device.
  • Search the APK file in the download area of your device.
  • After downloading it is very easy to install click on the install button you will get the security alert that required some permission access.
  • Open the app and enjoy.


As a manga lover, you may have already known that manga is a Japanese-style comic which is originated in Japan. This kind of style has been popular in the world and especially in Asian countries. The manga stories are usually published in the form of different types of books, magazines, and even online. After downloading Mangafreak Apk for Android, you will love to enjoy all the features of manga stories and comics stories so don’t forget to download this app and enjoy reading and sharing with your online family and friends.

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