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Love Heart Broken Shayari In Hindi

No Matter How Much The Heart Is In Trouble, The One Who Gives Trouble Remains In The Heart.

May I Die In Some Accident And Pray That That Accident Should Happen In Front Of You.

If I Die, Don’t Cry, Just Stay HAPPY Thinking That One Of The Tensions In Life Has Become Work.

Don’t Give Any Explanation To Anyone, Now Whoever Thought, Yes, We Are The Same.

Love Is A Distant Thing, Even If Someone Waits For You As Much As Me, Then Tell Me.

Lost By Luck, Otherwise, The Love Was True.

Talk To The One Who Makes You Happy,
What Is Ours , We Were Alone Yesterday And Are Still Alone Today.

You Cheated On Us, But You Got Love.
More Crazy Than Me, You Should Find A Friend.

You Are Happy Without Me, So Why Complain?
Now I Don’t Even See You Happy, So How Is Love?

There Is A Lot Of Remembrance, But Then Your Deception Is Also Remembered.

I Don’t Know Why People Say I LOVE YOU, Don’t Speak
Directly Or Play With Your Feelings For A Few Days.

The Status Of The Giver Is Sir,
Some Give Love And Some Cheat.

Pray To God, May You Get All The Happiness.
You Live Our Life, We Will Become Your Death.

I Wish There Was Someone In Our Life Who Would Hug And Say Oh Oh Mad Don’t Cry, I Also Suffer Because Of Your Crying.

Why Do You Cry This Heart,
This Is The World, Son,
This Is What Happens Here.

It Seemed That If You Parted With Him, He Would Die, It Was
Amazing That The Fever Did Not Even Come.

I Have Heard That
You Cry A Lot For Us, You Have Forgotten Those Moments When You Used To Make Us Cry In The Nights.

The Person Who Cannot Give Time,
How Did You Think That He Will Support Life.

What A Difficult Task It Was For You To Convince Me,
Your Smile Was Enough For Me To Accept It.

Deception Is Not Found Just Like This,
People Have To Do Good , Sir.

Heartbreak Shayari

Our Love Was Like A Rose Flower.
Which Bloomed In The Morning And Withered In The Evening.

No One Forgets, Just The Excuse Of Remembering Ends.

By Deceiving Me, You Will Get Happiness For A Few Moments,
But Will This Act Of Yours Be Able To Escape From The Eyes Of The One Above.

Some Wounds Get Buried In The Sign Without Saying Anything, It Is
Fun To Drink These Cups Of Gum.
It Is Easy To End Life, But
There Is A Bigger Punishment Than Death In Living In Agony Every Moment.

We Thought, Would Like To Break Her Heart,
But What To Do?
We Broke Up Too Much And Wanted Too Much.

Everyone Is A Rot In Love, Because?
This Mishap!
Happens With Everyone.

When Glass Breaks, It Bites A Lot.
Oops! This Heart Is Like A Glass.

My Only Crime Is That!
We Love Them And Do A Lot.

If Only! Sometimes We Would Have Asked How Would You Get Peace!

You Only Give Pain To Those Whom You Give The Right To Be Yours,
Otherwise You Apologize Even If There Is A Slight Shock.

Whoever We Will Be After You, The Name Of That Relationship Will Be Mohabbat Nahi Majboori.

This Is The World Sir, Here The Clean Hearted Are Left For The Sake Of Beautiful Appearance.

They Laugh Because They Don’t Care! Laughter Never Ends.

He Was Sleeping Very Peacefully On His Grave, Don’t Know What, Because Of The Pretext, He Also Woke Up From A Dream.

See! Every Moment Went In Waiting, Every Moment Loved You But!
Couldn’t Say That Love Ever Made You So Much.

Some Poet Had Said Not To Love,
But If It Happens , Don’t Deny It, If You Can
Fulfill It, Then Love It,
Otherwise Don’t Waste Someone’s Life.

Those Who Steal My Poetry And Recite It To Others!!
From Where Will You Bring The Pain Which Is My Sign?

They Were Ruined By Doing Us In Love,
Look, They Have Come To The Tomb To Seek Forgiveness.

The Love That Does Not Give Trouble, How Is That Love
And The Love Which May Not Suffer, How Is That Love?

There Is A Lot Of Pain In My Life, But I Have Never Shown It To Anyone,
And God Has Not Made Anyone For Me So That No One Can Understand My Pain Without Showing It.

Wounded Heart Shayari

Somebody Was Hazy On The Pretext Of Making Him Happy,
I Told Him To Tell Him The News Of My Death.

Death May Come But No One’s Heart Should Come

After My Arrival, She Was Asking The Children In The Street,
Murshid , Had He Not Cried On The Way To Go.

The Distance Is Starting To Feel Good To Me,
Now The Mind Is Tired Of Forced Love.

You Changed The Way,
My Destination Changed.

It Is Good That Some People Look At Us With Hatred, If
Everyone Looks At Us With Love, Then They Will Be Seen.

It Is Better To Be Good By Telling Lies, Than
To Be Bad By Telling The Truth.

Just Tell Me,
Wait Or Change
Like You !!

I’m No Longer Afraid …
Of A Move Away
From The Broken Connection
To The Values Of
Being Someone Upset
By Remembering
To Forget Any

Heart Breaking Shayari In Unfaithful Love

I’m Not Afraid Anymore…
From Leaving
Someone, Leaving Someone

I Don’t Feel Scared Anymore…
From Smiling Alone
Never Shedding Tears, From
All This Time, From
The Trap Of Reality, Because Of
Someone’s Infidelity, Because Of
Any Sorrow.

I Don’t Feel Scared Anymore…
Neither From My Life
Nor Of Death One Day

“What” It Is Called Love,
Leaving Someone Using It,
Breaking Someone’s Heart.

That “Shaksh” Must
Have Cried Too Much, What If You Didn’t Teach
Him, Even A Heart Would Be Beating In His Chest.

People Understand That “He Is
Painless , But He Must Be Confused By His Wounds.

If “He” Could Not Say What Happened,
He Must Have Written His Pains.

To “Pass” Two Days, Months And Years,
Life Will Be Rude To You Too.

You Will Also “Cry”,
But By Then It Will Be Too Late.

Till 3 O’clock In The Night,
Someone Makes You Laugh So Much That You Have To Laugh
With Your Hand On Your Face So
No One Wakes Up,
Then Such A
Moment Comes In Life That
The Memory Of The Same Strict Makes You Cry So Much
That You
To Cry With Your Hand On Your Mouth That No One Wakes Up Go.

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