What To Do To Feature And Rank In Google News?


Feature And Rank In Google News

You Can Get Thousands Of Clicks On Your Site From Google News And You Don’t Even Need To Be A Big Journalist Or Big News Company For This.

Smart Bloggers, News Publishers, And Digital Marketers Are Already Using This Vast Resource For Targeted Traffic And Better Search Engines.

Google News Is Reserved For Sites And Blogs That Publish Articles Related To And From Time To Time. You Don’t Need To Be A News Site For This, But If You Are Constantly Posting Newsworthy Content Then Your Site Or Blog Will Be Approved In Google News.

What Is News?


Newly Obtained Or Notable Information, Especially About Recent Or Important Events.

What Is News Publisher?

If You Have A Lot Of Experience In The Field Of Your Work And You Are Publishing Some Information From Time To Time According To The Interest Of Your Audience, Then You Are A News Publisher.

What Is Google News?

Google News Is A Content Syndication Platform Introduced By Google To Help Organize The World’s News In A Variety Of Ways And Make It More Accessible To Its Users.

Google News Sends 6 Billion Clicks Per Month To Publishers Around The World. If You Only Get 0.0001% Of These Clicks On Your Web Site, It Could Be A Big Deal For You.

Indexing Your Website As A News Publisher By Google News Sitemap File Crawler And Getting Your Articles Indexed And Ranked In Google News Is A Challenge In Many Ways.

What To Do To Get Your Article Ranked In Google News?

Let’s Look At Some Of The Best Ways To Get Added To The Google News XML Sitemap And Then How You Can Get Real-Time Traffic.

Journalism ( Journalism follow principles).

If You Look At The Recent Addition To The Google News Sitemap Syndication Platform, You’ll Find That Google, For The First Time, Isn’t 100% Focused On News-Related “Current Events” Like Content. You Can Also Tell This By Just Looking At The Meta Tags.

It Has Evolved Into A News Sitemap Over The Years, Leveling The Playing Field For Bloggers, Content Creators And News Publishing Experts.

Your Reporting To Be Included In Google News Must Be Original, Honest And Well Structured With Quality Anchor Text, Meta Tags And An Authoritative Voice.

Good Journalism Is Not Just About Search Engine Optimization But About Investigation And Invention. Therefore, You Should Investigate And Substantiate A Story Before Reporting It.

To Keep Your Story In Sync With The Editors, Who Will In Turn Syndicate It To Google News, PBS Recommends That You Present Information From The Most To The Least Important Content Points.

There Is An Established Application Process For Featuring Your Articles On Google News. But, Before Applying, Follow These Things:

Do not copy from other sites. Write original articles.

Google Does Not Want To Syndicate Uniform Information Verbatim. You Must Original Your Article With Accurate Data Points From Reliable Sources. Wherever You Got Your Information From, Whether It’s In Search History, Sitemap Files, Or Web Page Searches – Make Sure Your Sources Are Trustworthy.

If You Take A Look At The Homepage Of Google News, You Will Find That All The Selected Stories Are Original Content From Reliable Sources. And, No Site Is Ranked For Its Stories More Than Once.

Google Knows That Reputable Authors Never Copy Others’ Articles. That’s Why His Articles Get Published Quickly In Google News.

Google Credits Well-Known Authors Who Publish Original Articles From Time To Time So That They Can “Rank” And Improve Their Reputation.

One Way To Quickly Add Your Article To Google News Is To Use An Author Who Has High Authority In The Eyes Of Google.

Write keyword-rich headlines that communicate the topics of the article.

You Should Try To Keep Your Title Straight. If Possible, Use Short And Familiar Words.

I’ve Noticed That Authority Sites That Report Daily Stories Rarely Use Listicle Format Or “Numbered” Headlines.

They Simply Write A Precise, Clear, And Compelling Headline. Let’s Take A Cue From Search Engine Land.

Like A Blog Post, Your News Headline Determines Whether Your Story Will Be Syndicated By Google.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Write A News-Like Headline That Will Definitely Appear In Search Results, And Remember That The Same Tips Can Be Used With Your Meta Tags:

A. Do Not Repeat Words.

The Purpose Of Adding Your Website Or Story To Google News Is To Get More Clicks And Views From The User Base. As You Are Actively Doing Search Engine Optimization So You Do Not Need To Repeat The Words In The Title.

Here’s A Weak News Headline:

“How Experienced Investors Can Advice On Quitting Investors”

Don’t Repeat Such Words.

B. Use Active Voice:

A News Headline Is A Quick Way To Showcase What’s Inside A Story And Will Grab The Attention Of Search Engines.

Don’t Bore The Users. Avoid Using Passive Voice.

In Passive Voice, The Subject Is Receiving The Verb. For Example:

Passive Voice: Mary Was Hit By A Car.

Active Voice: The Car Hit Mary.

Active Voice Begins With The Subject. With The Active Voice, You Can Say More In Fewer Words Than The First Time. Conciseness Is An Essential News Publishing Strategy That Engages The Audience.

Using The Active Voice In Your News Headlines Also Helps Cut Down On Unnecessary Words. If You Look At The Homepage Of ‘TIMES OF INDIA’, Most Of The Stories Have Titles Written With Active Voice.

C. Write Article In Present Tense:

This Is Another Important Point To Keep In Mind When Writing The Title Of A Topic That Is Expected To Be Published In Google News.

Even If The Story Or Topic Is Set In The Past, The Title Should Indicate What Is Happening Now. After All, That’s Why It’s Called “News”.

Many Of The Stories On The Google News Homepage Are Written In The Present Tense.
Have A Look:

D. Which Words Of The Article Have To Be Capitalized:

Have You Noticed That Not All Words In News Headlines Are Capitalized? As A Rule Of Thumb, Capitalize The First Word Of The Title. You Must Also Capitalize Proper Nouns.

On The Google News Homepage, Both Title Case And First Word/Proper Noun Capitalization Are Used.

If You Use Title Case, Do Not Capitalize Articles. So, For Example, “Judge Rejects Kesha’s Last Effort To Free Herself From Dr. Luke” Is Correct, But If “To” Is Also Capitalized, It Will Be False.

Write news related content instead of e vergreen content .

In Adding Sites To Google News, Remember That Major Search Engines Like Google Can Only Include Sites That Follow Their Webmaster Tools Guidelines.

If There’s Nothing Timely About Your Topic Or Story, It’s Not News. Because In Journalism, “Timing Is Everything.” Timely Content Makes It To The Top, Others Get Lost In The Pages Of Search History.

When You Look At The Google News Homepage, You’ll Notice That Almost All Of The Stories Are Current – ​​Mostly When Events Unfold:

Write at least 2 news articles daily.

Are You The Only One Managing Your Site? If You Want To Join Google News, You May Need To Make A Change.

Most Of The News Media Sites That Google News Comes Up With Are Multi-Authored. In Other Words, More Than One Person Writes For The Site.

Think CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, New York Times, Huffington Post, Etc.

These Sites Are Updated Every Minute Of The Day, By Prolific Authors Who Are Transparent And Accurate In Their Reporting, Which Is Why They Are So Popular With Search Engines.

You Need More Writers Who Can Source, Write About, And Submit Fresh Stories In The Shortest Amount Of Time.

Create An Author Page On Your Site Where You Introduce Each Author On Your Team.

Google Will Ask You For A List Of Authors Who Report Articles On Your Site. In Fact, You Have To Submit The Contact Details For Each Author While Applying.

Make your blog the authority.

Google Is Very Strict About The Content That It Considers News. Not Every Article Is Related To News.

You Need To Create Authority For Your Blog. Authority Tells You How Many User-Friendly Sites And Web Pages Link Back To You. Webmaster Tools Can Help You Check Where You Stand.

Building Authority On Your Blog Is Not A Simple Matter. And, It Will Not Happen Overnight.

You Need To Exit Your Site. You Should Be Everywhere.

When You’re Building Up Your Author Rank, It’s Important To Always Reference Your Story In A Natural Way, By Contributing To Other Trusted Sites. Ideally, Use Your Branded Keyword Or Title As The Anchor Text To Link Back To Your Site.

The More Authority Sites You Contribute To And Get Links From, The More Authority Your Blog Will Get And The Higher You Will Appear In Search Results And Search History. Your Blog Will Slowly Build Momentum So Be Patient!

Social Media Is Equally Important. Be Active On Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram And Twitter.

Don’t Try To Copy Or Imitate Another Writer’s Writing Style. Find Your Own Voice. Hold On This Is The Only Way To Stand Out From The Crowd And Add Your News-Related Articles To Google News.

When Your Content Is Unique And Compelling, More People Will Click On Your Title And Visit Your Site.

But, When Your News Is Like Everyone Else’s, You Have No Influence. For The Audience, There’s Nothing In It. So They Will Leave.


Now That You Have Seen The Possibility Of Your Website And News Articles Being Added To Google News, It Is Time To Take Action And Apply.

Don’t Be In A Hurry To Do So. You Must First Create A Path On Your Blog, Which Google News Bot Can Follow To Crawl Your Latest Stories When They Are Published.

Google Suggests That You Add A “Google News Sitemap” To Make This Easier. If Your Blog Is Hosted On WordPress, You Can Find The “Google News Sitemap” Plugin In WordPress’ Plugin Directory.

Once You Have Installed The Plugin, You Can Apply To Google News. This Will Be Linked To Your Google Search Console Account, Making It Easier To Add Many Of Your Sites To Google News. Be Sure To Use Webmaster Tools To Check Your Indexing Status.

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