Best Life Quotes In Hindi

Our Best Life Quotes In Hindi is a priceless gift given to us by God. If we spend our life with sorrow or troubled mind then we will neglect this precious gift given by God. Therefore, no matter what the situation is in life and no matter how many troubles we have to face, we should always try to be happy because the second name of life is ‘struggle’.

Your hard work and patience is the most important thing to achieve any destination in life. If you move towards your destination by working sincerely and never losing patience, then no power and any obstacle in the world can stop you from being successful.

The second name of life is ‘Struggle’ – Life is ‘Struggle’

There are always ups and downs in Best Life Quotes In Hindi. Shade after sunshine and happiness after sorrow is the essence of life. We should understand very well that nothing in life is always the same. Everything changes with time. Under no circumstances should you lose your patience. Because even if a mountain of sorrow is broken on you today, this time will pass and even if you are very happy about something today, then this time will pass.

So always try to keep yourself the same. Never give up in life, just keep going and keep moving forward in the path of life with perseverance.

Is This Life – Is This Life | Best Life Quotes In Hindi

Every human being present in this world has some sorrow in his life. All the faces you see around you will definitely have some trouble or problem. Every person is struggling with some of the other problems…but in a real sense, the same person knows how to live life, who ignores his misery, and always has the skill to move forward in life.

He never cries of his sorrow… Yes. Once in trouble, the step may stagger, but the step should not be allowed to stop. No matter what the situation is, just keep going… this is life..! This is life..!

You must have heard this famous song from the Bollywood movie “Jeevan Hai Chalne Ka Naam, Chalte Raho Subah Aur Sham”. The essence of life is hidden in this song which we all need to understand and implement. No matter how many thorns there are in the journey.. or how many flowers there are, keep moving ahead and keep on living life.

If it is very dark today, it is going to be morning soon. Provided you don’t have to stop Best Life Quotes In Hindi, slowly but surely you have to keep moving forward.

Today we are talking about life and we have brought some special Life Quotes Hindi for you. All these Life Quotes in Hindi will not only give you a chance to understand life but will also encourage you to move forward in life. We have specially selected all these Life Quotes in Hindi for you.

Best Life Quotes In Hindi

“No matter how much you hold, it definitely slips, this is the time sir, it definitely changes.”

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.”

“I agree to lose, but I will play the game big.”

“All people die, but in reality not all people live.”

“Life is shorter than I thought.”

Best Life Quotes In Hindi

“Don’t worry about life, you’re not going to get away from it.”

“The love of parents dies when children say what you have done for us.”

“Live life thinking what people will say, what God will say, have you ever thought about it.”

“Life is passing in a strange way – thought something, did something, happened something and got something.”

Best Life Quotes In Hindi

“If you show by flying on the insistence of others, you will forget the skill of flying with your feet.”

“If this is the spirit, then the solution of difficulties will also come out, if the land becomes barren, will water also come out of it, do not be discouraged or afraid, my companions from the darkness, a golden tomorrow will also emerge from the hands of these nights.”

“Take a thought. Make that thought your life. Think of it, dream of it, live that thought. May your mind, your muscles, every part of your body, all be filled with that thought. And let go of all other thoughts. That’s the way to success.” – Swami Vivekanand

“Always be prepared, sir, there is no confidence when the weather and human beings change.”

“Through patience many people become successful even in situations that seem to be a definite failure.” – Benjamin DeGraeli

Best Life Quotes In Hindi

“Failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it just means you haven’t been successful so far.” – Robert Schuler

“When the water is dirty, do not stir it, but leave it calm. Due to which the dirt settles down on its own, similarly, instead of getting restless when there is trouble in life, think calmly and the solution will definitely come out. | Best Life Quotes In Hindi

“The answer can be given to everything, but what will the person understand the words if he does not understand the importance of relationships.” 

“If you can smile when you are completely broken, then believe that no one in the world can ever break you.”

Best Life Quotes In Hindi

“There are many difficulties in life, yet there is a smile on these lips, because when living is in every situation, then what is the harm in living only by smiling.”

“Life is full of wounds, learn to make time a healer, you have to lose in the face of death, learn to win with life at the moment.”

“Look at the clock when no one is working, and don’t look at the clock when someone is working.”

“When life dances and dances in difficult times, the drummers are known to themselves.”

“The better you become in life, the more bad people you will meet.”

“What happens to the one who says, amazing is done by those who suffer.”

“Don’t change the circumstances, but change yourself, see one day the situation will automatically change.”

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