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Hello, Friends Welcome To the “” Blog. Today I Best Precious Word For You 77+ Best Price Quotes 2021, Inspirational Thoughts, Best Thoughts, The Finest Precious Word, The Best Precious Word, Painful Precious WordMust Know  Precious WordInspirational True  Word, And Life  Precious  Poetry Have Brought That Revealed By Some Great Thinker.

Inspirational Good Quotes

  • The Real Face Of A Person Comes To The Fore When He Is Intoxicated, Whether It Is Of Money, Position, Appearance Or Alcohol.
  • I Will Open The Lock Of My Destiny With My Pen, I Will Not Speak With My Tongue But With My Work.
  • If Someone Is Yours, Then Be Like A Mirror, Who Laughs And Cried With Them.
  • In This Era, You Can Win Only When Your Mind Is More Powerful Than Your Emotions.
  • There Is No Support In Life Again And Again,
    No One Gets Love From Love Again And Again , The One
    Who Keeps It Close
    Never Gets It Again After Losing It .
  • Don’t Care What People Say, You Yourself Bear The Expenses Of Your House, Not The People.
  • Only Those People Are The Strongest In This World, Whose Dreams Are Also Broken, Dreams Are Also Broken, Hearts Are Also Broken And Their Hearts Are Also Angry, Yet Say That I Am Fine.
  • Never Be Afraid Of Failure, It Is An Essential Part Of Growth.
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Anyone For Truth, Not Even From Guru, Not Even From Mantra, Not Even From World, Not Even From Vedas.
  • The Punishment Of Crime Is Not Only Given To The Offender But Also To The Innocent Pen Which Is Broken Immediately After The Sentence Is Pronounced.

Best Ideas

  • Your Chain May Not Necessarily Have Many Leaves, But Even If There Are Few, Don’t Panic, Because A Tree Begins With Only A Few Leaves.
  • In This Run-Of-The-Mill Life, Everyone Has To Reach Some Place But No One Is Reaching, Everyone Is Just Running Away.
  • Being More Attached To Any Person Can Give You Grief.
  • Unless You Defeat Yourself And Fight On The Battlefield, The World Will Only Think Of You As A Puppet.
  • If Iron Becomes Soft, It Becomes A Tool, If Gold Becomes Soft, It Becomes Jewellery, If Flour Becomes Soft, It Becomes Bread, If A Man Becomes Soft, He Becomes Narayan From A Male!
  • “Happiness”, “Prosperity” And “Wealth” Will Definitely Reside In The House Where “Bhakti”, “Shakti” And “Culture” Will Be There.
  • There Is A Strange Power In The Speech Itself, The Honey Of The Bitter Person Is Not Sold And The Chilli Of The Sweet Speaker Is Sold.
  • Trouble Always Falls On The Right Man Because It Is The Work Of The Wrong Man To Create Trouble.
  • It Is Good To Remain Silent, But Not When There Is Injustice.
  • A Person Who Follows A Spiritual Life Is Always Happy. He Never Grieves, Nor Longs For Anything And Treats Every Living Being Equally.

New Precious Words

  • A Man Is Successful Only When The Rule Becomes A Habit.
  • It Is Said In Gita That When Truth Will Fight With Untruth, Truth Will Stand Alone And The Army Of Untruth Will Be Long Because Behind Untruth There Will Also Be A Bunch Of Fools.
  • Anger Is Bad But It Should Be Shown Where It Is Needed, Otherwise The Wrongdoer Will Not Realize That He Is Doing Wrong And He Will Always Treat You The Same Way.
  • No One Can Close The Path That God Has Opened For You.
  • Change Does Not Stop By Mourning For Change, It Is A Strict Rule Of The World, Who Does Not Have The Art Of Changing With Change, The Same Person Finds More Difficulty In The Struggle Of Life.
  • Eating Ghee, Milk, Butter Or Any Other Good Food Does Not Result In As Much Fat As Having Money.
  • Sleeping Is Necessary For Dreams To Come, But Waking Up On Time Is Also Necessary For Dreams To Come True.
  • Do Not Let Any Of Mother And Wife Fall Short, One Has Brought You Into The World And One Has Left The Whole World To Come To You.

Today’s Quote

  • Time And Understanding Come Together Only To Lucky People, Because When There Is Time, There Is No Understanding And When There Is Understanding, Time Passes.
  • One Who Has Little Can Be Made Happy, But The One Who Has Little, Even God Cannot Please Him.
  • Never Get Angry Thinking That We Do The Work And The Name Belongs To Someone Else. Because Ghee And Rupee Have Been Burning For Centuries, Yet People Say That The Lamp Burns.
  • Anger Makes You A Little Man, Help Makes You A Big Man, While Forgiveness Makes You A Great Man.
  • Happiness And Sorrow Come From Your Luck, Wealth – It Has Nothing To Do With Poverty, Those Who Cry Even In Palaces, And If There Is Happiness In Luck, Then Laughter Reverberates In The Hut Too.
  • Half Of A Man’s Beauty Lies In His Tongue.
  • In This Age, You Can Win Only When Your Mind Is More Powerful Than Your Emotions.
  • Got To Live Life, Don’t Waste It Thinking What People Will Think.
  • Make Thousands Of Relationships In The World, But Make One Relationship Out Of Those Thousand Such That Even When Thousands Are Against You, They Are With You.

Truth Precious Words

  • 3 Advice
    Don’t Think, Begin
    Don’t Promise Don’t Prove Do
    N’t Tell, Show Up
  • Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Butter, Ghee All Belong To The Same Lineage, Yet Their Price Is Different.
    Because, Excellence Is Not Achieved By Birth But By One’s Actions, Arts And Qualities.
  • It Takes Something Special To Say “I’m Not Fine”.
    Otherwise Someone Asks How Are You, I Have To Say That I Am Good.
  • If You Want To Get Something, Then Trust Yourself, No
    Matter How True And Good The Support Is , It Always Leaves You.
  • Stop Treating Everyone As Good Because People Inside Are Not What They See From Above.
  • No Matter How Many Good Deeds You Do, You Will Be Remembered Only When There Is A Need Again.
  • It Takes Time, But Interest Is Not Available.
    When Wounds Are Given By Themselves, They Do Not Get Their Medicine.
    Walk Carefully, Oh Friend, The Journey Of Life Is Long.
    Then, In The Crowd Of Loved Ones, You Do Not Find Your Shadows.
  • You Remember Every Single Word Of The Chapter That Conditions Have Taught You.
  • Begging Is Also A Business,
    If The Poor Ask For Begging,
    If The Leader Asks For Donations.
  • Life Is Like Science, The More Experiments You Do, The Better Results You Will Get.

Painful Words

  • Some Wrong Decisions Teach The Right Purpose Of Life.
  • A Human Being Is Made Of Two Things, One By Luck And The Other By Hard Work.
    Luck Is Not For Everyone And Hard Work Is Not For Everyone.

    Lived My Life
  • Believe Me, Live With An Open Heart, If You
    Think About Age, World And Society, You Will Keep Thinking.
  • Money Is Only For Living, Friends Are Needed To Laugh.
  • Be Big But Not In Front Of The One Who Raised You.
  • Too Much Comfort And Too Much Love Make A Person Handicapped.
  • God Is Pleased By Intention And Man By Appearance, Now It Is Up To You Who You Have To Question.
  • No One Can Take Away Whatever The Lord Gives, And If He Takes It Away, Then No One Can Give.
  • It Is Not Necessary That Only A Big Injury Causes Big Wounds, Sometimes Even Small Things Can Cause Big Wounds.
  • Put Your Strength In Your Thoughts, Not In Your Voice, Because The Harvest Is Done In The Rain, Not In The Flood.
  • I Will Open The World Of My Destiny With My Hard Work.
    I Will Speak With Work, Not With My Tongue.
  • The Biggest Slap Of Life Kills The Expectation Placed On Someone.
  • Give Way To Those Who Go, If You Talk About Them, You Will Climb On Your Head.

Right Path Precious Words

  • People Will Also Get Angry And Many Friends Will Also Be Missed.
    Many Illusions Will Also Be Broken On This Path Of Progress.
  • Everyone Has To Take The Map Of Doubt And Go To The Faith, Sir, There Is Dust Of Sin In The Feet But To Go To Heaven !!
  • Self Respect Never Dies And Pride Does Not Last Long !!
  • If People Try To Degrade You, You Should Be Proud That You Are The Top!!
  • Instead Of Blaming Others For Your Failures, It Is Wiser To Correct Your Mistakes.
  • Even If The Dreams Are Dry, Sprinkle Fresh Water Daily.
  • When The Mind Is Freed From Thoughts And Beliefs, It Becomes Active.
  • Forgiveness Is Success; Forgiveness Is Religion; Only By Forgiveness Is This World
  • Luck Always Helps The Courageous

Best Precious Words

  • Life Is Like Ice Cream, Enjoy It To The Fullest.
  • The Ideal Of Beauty Is Simplicity And Serenity
  • Be Kind To Others As God Is Kind To You.
  • Success Introduces You To The World And Failure Introduces You To The World
  • In Any Relationship, Instead Of Giving, The Expectation Of Taking Increases, That Is, It Starts Declining.
  • If Someone Is Yours, Then Be Like A Mirror, Who Laughs Together And Cried With Them.
  • When I Became Friends With Myself, I Came To Know That No One Knows Me Better Than Me.
  • Selfish Mind And Greedy Creatures Cannot Do Good To Anyone.
  • Who Is Saved From The Grip Of Karma, Who Has Done What He Has Done.
  • Peace Is Still The Most Expensive Thing In The World.
  • The Hand Of A Clock Moves According To Its Own Rules, That’s Why People Believe In It 100%, If You Also Follow The Rules Then People Will Believe 100% In You Too.
  • No Matter How Good You Are, No Matter How Well You Do, But Remember One Thing, Whoever Thinks You Wrong Will Be Wrong Till Death Because Eyesight Cannot Be Treated.
  • Attention Is The Key To Success. Fate Knocks On Everyone’s Door One Day, The One Who Recognizes This Knock Due To Awareness, Only He Becomes Successful In Life.
  • If You Have The Urge To Learn, Then You Can Learn A Lot From The People And Things You Come In Contact With Around You While Working In Your Daily Routine.
  • Common Sense Is More With Those Who Are More Active, Are Happy In Every Situation And Do Not Worry Even If The Solution Of The Problem Is Not Found Or Not. Know That The One Who Has Common Sense Is More Popular Among Others.
  • If You Are Not Able To Find A Solution To Any Problem, Then Look Around You, If Someone Else Has Faced The Same Problem, Then It Will Be Easy To Find The Solution By Asking Him The Solution!
  • Without Understanding The Value Of Simplicity And Service In Life, One Cannot Keep Oneself Happy. And Without Bowing Down The Value Of Simplicity And Service Is Also Not Understood!
  • When Excited The Brain Is Not Able To Think Well, Whereas On The Contrary, A Calm Brain Is Able To Think Better. If You Leave Your Mind Quiet For A Few Minutes Every Day, You Will Be Able To Fulfill Your Desires In Life!

It Is By Deeds That A Person Is Recognized,
Expensive Clothes Are Also Worn By Effigies In Shops.

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